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Our Philosophy

NB Fit was started by NYC personal trainer Norman Baratta in 2005.  With the many weightloss and fitness programs out there, Norman recognized the need to bring a REALISTIC and BALANCED approach to overall health and wellness.  NB Fit will teach you how to bring consistency into your exercise and weight loss program resulting in a way of life.  We believe in the law of individual differences.  Therefore, based on your genetics you might not look like a Hollywood star or pro athlete. Instead, we teach our clients to strive to look the best they can look.  You will live life, enjoy life NB Fit!

Our Approach

IT’S SIMPLE!! NB Fit approaches health and wellness with a combination of resistance, cardiovascular and flexibility training.  These 3 components consistently combined with proper nutrition allow our clients to maximize their results.  Our trainers hold the highest certifications in the industry and use the most current research to implement state of the art training programs.  After our trainers review your health history and goals, a customized program will be developed to fit your specific fitness level and needs.